Nutrition Consultations

Heidi is a Holistic, Clinical Nutritionist who has worked under the guidance and mentorship of Anthia Koullouros since 2017. Her approach to health and nutrition is centred around dietary and lifestyle modifications that utilise whole-foods and educate her client’s on making sustainable, long-term change to their health through diet and using food as medicine.

Area’s of Interest:

  • Gut Health
  • Hormonal Health
  • Weight Management
  • Blood Sugar Management
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Fatigue 

Functional Testing Available:

  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis
  • Hormones
  • Food Intolerance
  • Blood Tests

Nutrition Consultations Include

  • Personalised dietary recommendations 
  • Education on foundational nutritional principles & macronutrients
  • Customised meal plans & recipes
  • Personalised lifestyle recommendations 
  • Coaching & accountability to help you keep on track with your goals
  • Pathology Interpretation using optimal reference ranges
  • Referral for further testing (if required) 
  • Personalised supplement prescription (if required) 

 Nutrition Consultation Fees

Initial Consultation 75 mins - $150 

The initial consultation is a deep dive into your diet, health & symptoms. This is a comprehensive consultation to develop a holistic understanding of your health and recommend the most appropriate dietary changes, lifestyle changes and additional testing (if required) & supplements (if required)  to support your health and have you feeling your best. 

Follow-up 60mins - $140 (pathology review & implementation of your plan) 

Follow-up Consultation 30mins - $85 (reviewing your progress and adjusting your plan)

Follow-up consultations consist of reviewing pathology results, adjusting your prescription, and adjusting dietary and lifestyle recommendations based on your health objectives, results and symptoms.

*Private Health Rebates Available

To Make A Nutrition Consultation

Heidi is available for online consultations or in person


  • Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine)                              
  • Member: The Australian Natural Therapists Association Ltd (ANTA)